Spanish Gold

It is said that Queen Isabella loved two things more than life itself, Spanish gold and her shoes. No one could dare come close to her precious gold. It is said she was so obsessed with the two that she sent to have millions of shoes in-crested with her precious Spanish gold. These shoes are guaranteed to make your step untouchable.

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Azteca Skull

Legends say that these shoes where created for the widowed wives of the fallen Aztec solders. It is said to believe that these skulls are to protect every women in every step they take.

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Screaming Blu

Hailing from the depths of the frozen underworld. Legends say that these shoes turn anything into ice, even in the dead of summer. They are sure to keep your step cool as ICE! (WARNING!!! THESE SHOES WILL MAKE HELL FREEZE OVER)

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Black Cheries

These are known to be the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden. Legends say that they were so forbidden that with just one step, you could make every man crumble to his feet no matter the authority they possessed. Kings, generals, soldiers…they have no prejudice. Put these shoes on and you will be sure to have the power at your feet.

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Cherie Bombs

These shoes where designed to leave an enormous path of destruction. Every step in these shoes will create millions of dollars in damages. (WARNING!!! THESE SHOES HAVE A SHORT FUSE AND ARE EXTREMELY EXPLOSIVE)

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Double R's

These too, come from the depths of the frozen underworld and have been known to pack a cold power kick straight to your soul. It is known that these shoes can crack the concrete with every step you take. (WARNING!!! May cause the earth to split!!!)

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Custom Shoes

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Welcome to Road Rage Shoes

We want to thank you for visiting our site and your interest in our product.

My name is Eric Lawrence Kirker, and I am a designer who strives for excellence when it comes to my artwork.

Road Rage Shoes and Cherie Bombs will without a doubt bring out the beauty and confidence females want. Our shoes are empowering while making a fashion statement.

Certificate of Authenticity

All shoes are custom designed by Eric himself. Along with your shoes you will receive a certificate of authenticty personally signed by Eric Lawrence Kirker, ensuring its authenticity.

When you order a pair of Road Rage Shoes you can be sure you're getting an EXTREMELY unique product unlike any other.

Hit us up...

Please email us comments letting us know what you would like to see for a shoe design.